LOS Committee - London Osteopathic Society

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About us
"Established in 1998, the London Osteopathic Society (LOS) holds a pivotal role within our profession. Situated in the vibrant city of London, the capital of the UK and a global hub, LOS serves as a crucial centre for the growth and recognition of Osteopathy. My aspiration is to witness LOS thrive and expand, contributing not only to our personal development but also to the flourishing future of osteopaths."

Fabio Basile, LOS Chairman
Meet the Team
Fabio Basile, Chair
Fabio Basile, Osteopath in London and Council Member of the Institute of Osteopathy since 2022.
Thu Anh Do, Treasurer
Manmohan Birdi, Secretary
Hibah Memon, Social Media
Abdelhadi Shaban, Social Media
Mark Mshila
Silvia Vidali, Head of Marketing
Albert Obeng
Tim Whelan
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