If you contact a committee member it is quite probable that they will refer to this site in order to answer your question.
Here are the most commonly asked questions, and the answers.

1. Are there places still available for the lecture? If the lecture is not shown as fully booked or unavailable, then there are
places, we look forward to seeing you. See the Diary page.

2. What time is the lecture? See the Diary page, there is also a link  towards the bottom of the page which gives the full
timetable for the evening.

3.  Where is the lecture taking place? The Diary page gives the full address of the venue together with a link  to a map
which you can print out if you like.

4. I’ve accidentally unsubscribed to the e mail list. Can you put me back on it? Unfortunately if you have indicated your wish
to be removed from the list, we are prevented from adding you, our  mailing list  handler will  start to reject you and will
eventually want to know why we are including someone who does not  wish to be on it. You must either  click the ‘resubscribe’
button on the e mail or we can add a completely different e mail address.

5. I do not know my  log in information for the site.  Is your subscription up-to-date and do we have your latest e mail address?
To find out please contact  contactus @  londonosteopathicsociety.  org.  uk

6. I have received a reminder for an event  which I thought I had booked for. Am I not registered? It  would be very time
consuming to separate out  people from our lists so they are sent to everyone. If you have received a Paypal confirmation
then you have a place.
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