Privacy Policy
The personal details you have given us are stored on a remotely hosted server to which only we have access.
We do not share your information with anyone else. We use it to communicate with you on matters relating
to the Society such as meetings information. See our e communication page for further details.

If you have supplied a cell phone contact number, this is also stored on our SMS provider’s site.
This company also stores thousands of numbers for some of the UK’s largest companies and we have no
reason to believe that they would be misused. We aim to send a maximum of one text a month with
information relating to meetings etc.  The SMS Information page on this site enables you to control this
information. We do not share numbers with any third party.

At meetings neither LOS nor the venue providers can be held responsible for loss of personal belongings.
Please do not leave valuables unattended during meetings. We have challenged individuals acting suspiciously
in the past.

If provided with a badge at meetings, please wear it. Instances have occurred in the past where
opportunist individuals have taken our food and drink, as catering staff have no idea who is part of our group.

All of the photos featured on this site were taken at LOS meetings. If we are displaying one of you and you
would rather we did not, please let Tony Longaretti know, see Contact Us page.