The London Osteopathic Society offers a range of events
covering diverse topics which should help you fulfill your
CPD requirements. A receipt will be given to you on
payment of the appropriate fee which you can store in
your CPD portfolio. At least 2 hours of lecturing is normally
provided plus time for you to socialise and discuss topics
with your colleagues. If you are unsure about which seminars
you have attended you can refer to the Review pages of this
website together with your own diary. The Review section
also enables you to go over certain topics or it will often refer
you to our Download Centre where you can view copies of
presentations that have been made. Time spent reviewing
presentations may also count towards your CPD. We do not
keep any record of attendees at our evenings and are unable to
furnish you with details of seminars that you have attended nor
can we provide receipts for events that have taken place in the