What is the intention of the London Osteopathic Society (LOS)?
LOS exists as a social and educational organisation through
which members can exchange ideas, attend talks and socialise
with others. Meetings are organised throughout the year at very
little cost to attenders, and this is especially useful for those newly
qualified or working as sole practitioners, although those from
a wide variety of working environments attend our get-togethers.

Who is eligible to join?
Osteopaths. They can work or live in any part of the country or
even abroad if wished.

How can I join?
Come to one of our meetings, complete a bank mandate and you
will be enrolled as a member.

Are LOS meetings only open to members?
Any osteopath can come along but members pay a greatly reduced rate, they
receive notification of meetings, priority booking at pre-bookable events,
they may receive special offers from time to time and can vote at our AGM.

Is it necessary to let you know in advance that I intend coming to
a meeting?
If specifically requested to do so. This is mainly for local meetings
where space is limited. Otherwise just turn up.

How much does membership cost?
£25 per year.

If I have any questions, suggestions or requests?
Get in touch with any member of the committee, details on our Contact page.

Frequently Asked